Endowment projects

Its benefit remains and its reward is not interrupted


19,359 KD

Endowment: It is the confinement of the origin and the way of benefit, and it is an ongoing charity that a person stops and makes in his life, that is: it is made for the sake of God, for the sake of goodness and righteousness, so its reward will continue as long as it remains.
And in this there is a great benefit for the one who is standing by performing good deeds for him during his life and after his death. Because of the beneficial virtues of the endowment, which aid in goodness and righteous deeds, and aid the people of knowledge and worship, and meet the needs of the poor and needy, the sick and the destitute, and raise the banner of religion by spreading beneficial knowledge, and building schools and orphanages.
The best types of charity are the most beneficial and long-lasting, and this can only be achieved if the charity is guaranteed to survive, is based on a foundation, is established for a specific goal, and aims at a good, legitimate goal.

Poor, needy and needy Muslims

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